Quality Management

In order to meet the high requirements of the market our laboratory staff carries out both incoming and outgoing inspections archiving the samples for at least one year. This enables subsequent examinations and tracking back the used raw materials and their laboratory results for all our produced and delivered products.

Following analyses can be carried out in our laboratory:

Kinematic Viscosity - Ubbelohde DIN 51 562
Dynamic Viscosity - Höppler DIN 53 015
Viscosity cup (similar to Ford Cup)
DIN 53 211
Cone Penetration ISO 2137
Flashpoint Cleveland open cup
ISO 2592
Flashpoint Pensky-Martens - closed cup
DIN EN 22 719
ASTM D 1500 Colour with Lovibond ISO 2049
Gardner Colour with Lovibond Gardner
Density DIN 51 757
Neutralisation No.
DIN 51 558
Infrared spectrometric analysis
DIN 51 451
pH-value of water soluble coolants DIN 51 369
Corroision protection properties of water soluble coolants
DIN 51 360
Photometric determination of coolants concentratrion (refraktometer)  
Bakteria, yeast and fungal attack of coolants Teströ-Test
Foaming behaviour of coolants
S&M Haustest
Creaming of emulsions S&M Haustest
Emulsification behaviour of emulsions
S&M Haustest
Sedimentaion (Centrifuge)
S&M Haustest
Friction wear by Reichert S&M Haustest
Coating capacity on hot surfaces S&M Haustest

More tests are available on request. Please contact us!