Minisprayequipment SUMAL® 4002

SUMAL® 4002 is an automatic dosing device for dispensing piston release agents on pistons of horizontal cold-chamber die casting machines. The pump SUMAL® No.1 has a capacity of 0 - 6 cm3 per stoke and is steplessly adjustable. The pump is suitable for delivering all kinds of oily parting agents with a maximum viscosity of 3,500 mm2/s. The pressure-free tank holds 10 litres of lubricant. The spray head type HA mixes the fluid with the spray air. This mixture is dripping or sprayed on the piston.

SUMAL® 4002/500 is nearly identical in construction with SUMAL® 4002. The pump SUMAL® 500 MD with a maximum flow-rate of 1,2 cm3 is installed, which allows smaller dosings. The device has successfully proven itself on pistons with diameters up to maximum 60 mm.