Minisprayequipment SUMAL® 1000

The Minisprayequipment SUMAL® 1000 was developed for spraying or dripping adjustable amounts of lubricants. The spraying amouts are controllable with repeated accuracy (0 - 0.3 gram or 0 - 1.2 gram) regardless of temperature or viscosity of the medium. Every nozzle has its own pump, which regulates the spraying amounts. The spraying equipment is constructed robustly for trouble-free performance also under difficult operating conditions. All kinds of pourable oils and oily substances can be applied. The devices are supplied withe 1 - 12 pumps.

The spraying devices represent an optimal solution for the following applications:

  • Tool lubrication for hot warming of metals,
  • Pressing of alu- and cooper parts,
  • Lubrication of ejector pins,
  • Tool lubrication for coldforming,
  • Deep drawing,
  • Lubrication for stamping,
  • Tool lubrication for drilling and threading,
  • Lubrication of transportation chains to furnaces and transfer lines,
  • and many more