The full range of forging lubricants is available from graphited heavy grease for dropforging to oil based lubes for presses and to water based products with or without graphite. Special oil and water-based lubricants were developed to cope with the requirements of solid and hollow stamping of brass and its alloys. The oil based products SUMIDERA® 204 and SUMIDERA® 33 RG work very successful when used with aluminium stammping and forging.

  Cooling Agents

Our range of cooling lubricants offers a wide selection of high-performance products, which meet the latest technological developments. In addition to the proven products our portfolio naturally also offers high-performance coolant emulsions and coolant solutions, which are both boron- and biocide-free.

  Pressure Die-Casting

A range of different release agents is available for the piston you can chose between a graphited and a non-graphited version of Piston oil or grease and water based lubes. Many of the leading German pressure die casters apply the piston lube with our lubricator SUMAL® 4002.

SUMIDERA® W 50 is the leading lubricant for the dies to cast accummulator plates.


High quality products were developed for the mandrill and the dies for aluminium and brass extrusion presses. SUMIDERA® 47 is often used to lubricate the blade that cuts off the residue.

  Concrete Release Agent

Sumidera-concrete-release-agents are in use across Europe. They are distinguished by their economical usage and easy demoulding. All our concrete release agents are both VOC-free and biodegradable. Hereby is in particular our roof tile parting agent SUMIDERA® 9440 worth naming, as it carries the „Blue Angel“ ecolabel and is completely biodegradable. In combination with our spraying equipment SUMAL® 9306 ensuring non-contact, very precise and efficient application on the roof tile moulds, our products achieve great results in the fields of surface quality and demoldability.


Our supply portfolio contains a large number of process media.
This includes, among others, rust remover, ejector grease, graphite lubricating lacquer, MoS2-lubricating lacquer, saw oils, drilling and cutting emulsions, high-performance-lubricating-grease, hydraulic oil, gear oil, bed ways oil, assembly paste and many more.

Beside the standard range of lubricants we develop the lubricant to solve your problem. Please contact us!