All blendings are carried out in accordance with the high Schaaff & Meurer GmbH quality policy.  All tests of the incoming materials and the ready products are carried out and monitored according to the Quality system ISO 9001:2015. All batch blends are coded to identify tank, source of raw materials and date of blending. The lab-sample of any material, which came in or went out, is stored for at least 12 month.

 Liquid products can be handled in batches between 300 kg and 30,000 kg and they are canned in pails, drum and containers of any size. Filling of tank vehicles is also possible and permitted. There are tanks for cold, warm and hot mixing. The oils and additives can be heated material-friendly in a hot-chamber up to 80°C. Higher temperatures (up to 210°C) are possible in our electrically heated mixing vessels.

Heavy oils or greases can be mixed with additives, graphite or MoS2 in our masticator. The batch size is either 200 kg or 3,000 kg. We have mixers of various types from a slow Z-mixer, up to five high sheer mixers and two colloid mills and so we can give any required sheer to the product.

Among others we can store 350 pallets frost-free, another 400 drums of dangerous goods we can store in our lockable containers with safety-reservoirs. The capacity of our tanks is app. 400,000 litres. Due to our wide rage of production, we normally store 300 different additives, raw materials and base oils.